Matabanick Cottages on Boshkung Lake

Welcome to Matabanick Cottages on Boshkung Lake!



 Matabanick Cottages is a vacation spot for which many search. Situated in a truly beautiful location amid graceful trees, with pleasant sunlit lawns, safe sandy beach, and colourful flowers beside the mirror-like waters of Boshkung Lake. It impresses the visitor at once with it’s peaceful solitude, and friendly social atmosphere. The spacious well appointed 8.5 acre lakeshore property and immaculately kept cottages provide a home-like atmosphere that our guests admire. Families have been coming to us every summer for their vacation. From June to Thanksgiving the guests are warmly welcomed and provided with complete  facilities for pleasurable sport and relaxation. Your cottage rental includes BBQ, propane and campfire wood.




IF YOU BRING AND DOCK YOUR OWN BOAT- All boat users must abide by all boating laws, including wearing lifejackets and carrying all required boating supplies each time a boat is taken out on the lake, and be familiar with all safety requirements involving the use of a boat on the water as well as holding a current boaters license. Ensure all age requirements for each boating craft are followed as outlined in the by- law. 


 Paddle boards and motor boats are privately owned and not for public use.  



                                            For bookings or inquiries contact: Cliff Archer

We are currently taking bookings for :  Summer 2021 



    By cell phone :  1-705-935-1540


                                            OR Email anytime:





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